For me it's all about creating and telling stories. Wheter you are creating brands, making art - or any other stuff, you should make it matter, I think. It matters to me.

So did it for me many years in the advertising industry. As art director, creative director and later on I founded my own little agency with a "green" twist. Meanwhile I also immersed myself in more artistic disciplines such as painting, writing and photographing. Fortunately I still get to do it all.
My experience in the field of adverting and communication is vast, and so is the range of the type of clients I have had the pleasure working with. That along with my hands on skills in various creative disciplines makes me quite versatile. Today I'm a free agent doing both communication as well as art for clients - and for my own pleasure.




Since 2011 - Free agent DIrect clients:
Omi, Roche, Gro Capital, Abena, 3rdDimension, Danfert, 80Days, Roche, Thybo Copenhagen, Youmethere, Bornholmerslagteren, Dansk fertilitetsklinik, Charlotte Juul, Rawbite, Norlii

2009 - Spinat Agentur Founder
Inca White, Grønnegaarden, Hvidevald bryg, Nycigaret, Toptree, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Abena, Insome, Solar Power Systems. 3rdDimension, Livlægerne, NatureSource, Oticon, Ibis ulandsorganisation, Miljøkontrollen.

2008 - Uberkant
Creative director

LO, A-Pressen, Langelandsfestival

2006 - Integral
Creative director
NCC, Royal Copenhagen, Merrild, Royal Unibrew, 
Copenhagen Capacity, Baltic Property Trust, 
EcoEco, Vestfrost.

2001 -  Free agent
Direct clients:
Nike, BMW, Mindshare, 3rdDimension,
MccanMomentum, Tradeforce, Bonniers m.fl.

1996 - DDB Needham
Senior AD
Responsible for:
Carlsberg, Q8, DFDS Seaways, TvDanmark, JobDanmark, Pharmacia Upjohn (int.), Sony (int.)

1995 - Saatchi & Saatchi Senior AD
Carlsberg, Crazy Daisy, Lotto. 

1994 - Bergsøe 4 Artdirector
EkstraBladet, Kims, IDA, Astra, Minolta, Bosse. 

1994 - Danish Advertising School
(leaving diploma)

1993 -  J.E. Grafik tegnestue AD-assisstent
Worked for:
Dansk Folkeferie, Bosch, Pastella, Schulstad, Motorola. 

1990 - Nam Kreativ AD-assisstent
Worked for:
Bogklubben, Flügger, HTH.

1990 - Adco AD-assisstent
Worked for:
Magasin in-house agency. Katalogproduktion, fashion

1986 - Republica AD-assisstent
Worked for:
Brugsen, SuperBrugsen. Catalogue production, detail.